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The action of the FITOVAK immunostimulator is based on stimulating the physiological reactions of the plant itself and increasing its seasonal resistance by the end of the vegetation period.

The drug "Fitovak" has a super-fast penetrating ability, is actively transported through the plant and acts on the plant as a phyta vaccine. "Fitovak" contributes to the physiological stimulation of the genetically determined resistance properties of plants. When processing plants, defense mechanisms are activated, which leads to an increase in the activity of induction of phytoalexins, which trigger the protective reaction of the hypersensitivity of infected cells.

Immunization of plants is recommended before mass disease. After immunization in plants, resistance to fungal, viral, bacterial diseases and small piercing-sucking and gnawing pests increases.

The drug is especially indispensable in years with poor climatic weather conditions, has a rehabilitative ability on problem plants, has a beneficial effect on physiological and biochemical processes, and thereby accelerates the maturation and increases the yield of agricultural products.

ATTENTION: the majority of pests are so closely connected with the damaged plants that their development largely passes synchronously, and such moments in nature are called phenosignals. Immunization and stimulation of growth and development accelerates the maturation of the crop by 7-14 days, ahead of phenosignals, which is the key to a noticeable decrease in their harmfulness and improvement in the quality and quantity of the crop.

The drug showed high efficacy in cotton, wheat, tree-shrub and ornamental plants, mulberry, fruit trees, grapes, rice, cabbage, alfalfa, corn, cucumbers, tomato, potatoes, mache, beans and other vegetable and melon crops (the drug provides a friendly ripening of fruits, increases their size, increases the content of sugars, proteins and vitamins in them). This improves the presentation and transportability of agricultural products. Combining the drug with pesticides can increase their toxic properties, increase the duration of action and the number of types of pests for which they can be destructive.

Combining the drug with mineral fertilizers enhances the absorption of mineral fertilizers by plants. The drug "Fitovak" absolutely harmless to beneficial insects and, in general, for the flora and fauna. The lack of toxicity, high efficiency makes the drug extremely promising and cost-effective for use in agriculture. The drug is used on cotton for dressing and (or) pre-sowing seed locks and 2-3 one-time treatments for the vegetative mass of plants. Accelerates the emergence of friendly and fast shoots for 2-3 days, increases the root system, dramatically reduces the susceptibility of root rot, homozy, wilt, fusarium and other diseases by 70-80%.

Prevents the harmfulness of small piercing-sucking and gnawing pests. Increases the size of the bolls, accelerates the ripening of cotton and fees for 7-14 days, and also provides an increase in yield of 6-8 c/ha and more. The drug can be used in combination with magnesium chlorate as a mild defoliant, reducing the consumption rate of the latter from 10-12 kg to 5 kg per 1 hectare. At the same time, there are no burns on the upper boxes, the leaves fall off without drying (semi-dry), the opening of the boxes accelerates and reaches 85-90%, raw cotton is not clogged. The oil content of the seeds increases and the technological properties of the fiber are improved.



Plant type Methods of use of FITOVAK Consumption limit
Cotton-plant Treatment with medicinal water of 1 ton of bare cotton seeds (20 liters of water + 500 ml of the preparation), sowing hairy cotton seeds with soaking for 4-6 hours (600 liters of water + 500 ml of the preparation), it is recommended to use 2-3 times with 4-5 buds sprouting and with the addition to biocides and a suspension of mineral fertilizer in the budding-flowering period 500 ml / ton
500 ml / ha
500 ml / ha
Wheat Processed seeding before sowing 1 ton of seed (500 ml. Of the preparation + 20 l. Of water), treatment with the addition of various biocides, suspension of mineral fertilizer in the period of formation of ovaries, when blooming 4-7 leaf leaves 500 ml / ton
500 ml / ha
Tomato Sowing seeds with soaking for 1-1.5 hours (for 1 000 pieces - 2 ml of the drug + 1 liter of water), it is recommended to sow with soaking the roots of the seedlings in medicinal water (5-10 minutes), processing before and after flowering 500 ml / ha
Cucumber Sowing seeds with soaking for 30-45 minutes (for 1 000 pieces - 2 ml. Of the preparation + 1 liter of water), it is recommended to sow with soaking the roots of seedlings in medicinal water (5 minutes), processing before and after flowering 500 ml / ha
Grapes It is recommended to treat seedlings on waking, before flowering and in the period of single-piece compaction of grapes 500 ml / ha
Apples Recommended treatment when awakening the buds of a tree, before flowering and during the period of compaction of fruit 500 ml / ha

The limit of consumption of the drug: 10 liters. water - 25 ml., consumption limit per 1 hectare: 200 l. water - 500 ml.

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